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29 December 2013 @ 01:05 am

It's been so long since I last posted to LJ that I hardly remember how to do it, lol. Anyway, I made a household with Phoenix and Edgeworth today and thought I'd share a few pictures (their family is called OBJECTION! BTW XD)

Just some info in advance: I got the awesome sims from here http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=289039 (seriously, they're among the most beautiful sim mods I've ever downloaded!)

Phoenix's aspiration is popularity, Miles's fortune (though I did wonder if I should choose knowledge instead) and they have a dog called Pess. XD Their turn-ons are cleaning skills + hard worker (Phoenix) and logic + charisma (?) for Edgeworth (turn offs: Phoenix = beards, Edgeworth = unemployed lol).

Unfortunately, I don't have any fancy programs or anything, I just play the game on my laptop for fun, so yeah, screenshots quality is just from the in-game photos and stuff. Hope you enjoy it nonetheless.

This is what their house looks like. It was a pre-made "Romantic Home" or something for 40+ k, I used the motherlode cheat once before moving them there. I only made a few small changes, like buying a different bed (the initial one had a flower design...), a piano, chess, a TV and computer, an alarm and a few pieces of art and stuff for the dog.

The very first thing Miles did was walk up to the fake fruit platter and dislike it. You're one posh spoiled brat, sir!

The second thing is shaking his head when it comes to these trees. Did I mention he's spoiled?

Phoenix plays with the dog first! Now there's some character establishing moments for both of them right here. XD

So on the first day, they both signed up for security service (as did Pess). Phoenix actually wanted to pursue the culinary job and Edgeworth business, but the jobs didn't appear. On the second day, I changed them to gumshoes.

I had to get them to befriend each other on the first day so they'd share the bed, but I was surprised to see that Edgeworth liked Phoenix way better than vice-versa! He had about 50 points towards Phoenix while Phoenix only had 20 towards Miles. o_O Not what I would expect from canon. XD Also, when Phoenix flirted once (mostly he joked, appreciated and just talked) Miles immediately had a crush on him while Phoenix only saw him as a friend, dawww.

It's kinda cute how they're facing each other when they sleep, not so cute though that Phoenix dreams about some random chick (but he did dream of Miles at one point, too!)

Love the pseudo-refined Edgeworth is making when he's talking about fat sumo wrestlers!

"Verily, if I do say so myself, fat sumo wrestlers are just the beeeest, you agree, non?"

Apparently, Phoenix does NOT agree. Maybe it's a conversation about (fat) steel samurai and Edgeworth's being nerdy?

I love how close they're standing even when they're talking about something as simple as... a ball.

It's their first or second day only as gumshoe and they already got promoted, yay! Phoenix also brought home a friend from work, Castiel (from Supernatural). XD When he passed by Edgeworth, a lot of hearts came up from Edgey :P Guess someone's definitely not very straight here. But nonetheless, they don't appear to have chemistry (Phoenix and Miles have one bolt for each other) and the interest didn't seem to hold.

Who would have thought we would see Edgeworth preparing food? He and Phoenix used to take turns in the beginning.

... but Edgeworth isn't a very good cook, he's burning the mac and cheese here.

Meanwhile, the guest is watching TV. I think Castiel likes what he sees. Does it involve pizza boys?

Somehow, at lot of the conversations with Edgeworth end up being seen negatively by someone. I wonder why :O

At first they're talking about... kissing? :P And do agree on that point. So, kisses are great...

"... but I don't like jewelry and anything overly womanly!" "WHAAAAT, OMG, ARE YOU KIDDING MEEEE?"

Phoenix is having some trouble eating the burnt food...

I really hope he knows better than to tell Edgeworth to his face that he can't cook here, though.

I don't think Castiel likes the food much, either.

I guess they're watching something... supernatural! This is the second time Castiel visits, Phoenix invited him over (it's funny, a random neighborhood dude invited Phoenix to Downton on the first day or something too, but I declined because where's the fun in going there with a generic character. I should probably kick them out sometime soon, it'd be funnier with all the game / anime characters I have around in the neighbourhood) so Miles could have some company. I guess he was growing lonely, one of his wishes was making a friend, daw. XD (Remember that his aspiration is something different, he usually only always wants to get promoted or get stuff.)

Whatever it is they're watching, I don't think Edgeworth likes it very much. Poor Edgey-poo!

At some point the movie became awkwardly romantic, I guess. And they talk about how Edgeworth burnt the food, good old times!

Fanservice hooray! And yup, this is the mess Phoenix makes while taking a shower.

I wonder what they're talking about... construction worker costume fetish? And naked Phoenix appears in the background once more!

Castiel, being not very subtle.

Miles chose to play the piano and it looked absolutely insane the way he played with that huge grin and over-exaggerated movements (and of course the fact that his creativity was on level 0 and it sounded really stupid added additional hilarity). I took a short video of it too. XD

Phoenix cooking, who would have thought he'd be such a gourmet cook compared to Miles? :P He gained a cooking point already while preparing their food. This time, Edgeworth brought a colleague home from work, it's Sam (lol), also from the Supernatural team.

I like to imagine that Edgeworth is talking about his refined culinary skills, while Sam is thinking that Phoenix is probably the one who did make the food (which he would be right about). Or maybe he's just too preoccupied thinking about Phoenix to pay Miles attention lol. Either way, after this Miles was unimpressed and had a - interaction... yet again. XD

Is he nervous to sit down besides Phoenix? :P

Miles is washing Pess. I do love that we got an artwork with his pink pyjamas, so I knew what to choose when it came to that. XD

I guess it isn't easy though...

Yeah, Miles manages to burn toaster pastries, too. You can see the burnt pile on the floor.

Because everything is full of unwashed dishes, they're eating like this, kinda weird, if you ask me. They didn't talk to each other during this, either. Edgeworth does tidy up automatically every time I leave him alone for a second, but I didn't see the point in it when the (male) maid would be coming in a few hours.

Just for the record, this is how Phoenix sometimes looks like when he eats, hahaha. Adorable, right? Since he's very sloppy and Miles fastidious, their way to eat differs a lot and looks really funny next to each other,

BTW, at one point, this random teenager appeared in front of the house, waved at Phoenix and then stood around like this, looking all rejected. Uh. Yeah, kinda creepy.

That's it for now! Not much happened yet, it's only been 3-4 days. :3 Do feel free to tell me what you think, though. XD I'm also open for suggestions. Currently, it seems like Phoenix would like to take an island vacation and Edgeworth wants to buy some clothes. XD
17 March 2012 @ 04:42 am
*colors tcg trade pile*

TCG mainpost

special decks:

18 October 2011 @ 09:20 pm
Diesen Eintrag wollte ich eigentlich schon längst loswerden. Ich denke, ich werde demnächst gleich noch einen schreiben, damit der ganze Bericht über Chengde endlich erledigt ist und ich mich weiterhin allmählich der Jetzt-Zeit annähern kann. :P

Samstag, 10.9.:
Erstmal bis Mittag geschlafen (endlich mal, juhu) und dann mit Sophie runtergegangen und zum ersten Mal dieses vegetarische Frühstück mit den Spießchen gekauft... ich weiß nicht was das ist oder wie es heißt, aber es war ganz gut. :p An dem Tag war es zumindest warm, danach habe ich es nämlich noch mal gekauft und da wars dann nicht so gut...
Jedenfalls wollte ich mich mit Jasmin treffen und dann haben wir glaube ich relativ spontan beschlossen, dass wir gemeinsam mit Sophie auf einen Markt gehen (bzw einem Einkaufszentrum, das ähnlich wie der berühmte Silk Market ist, nur dass es mehr eine einzige riesige Lagerhalle auf einer Ebene mit kaum Touristen ist, während der Silk Market vier- oder fünfstöckig ist und es dort vor Touristen nur so wimmelt). Davor hab ich aber noch neue Kontaktlinsenflüssigkeit gekauft, denn nachdem ich einige Tage lang Michis Kombilösung probiert habe, ging es wieder viel besser und ich hab mir dann dieselbe gekauft, seitdem ging es eigentlich einen Monat lang ohne Probleme, bis es jetzt erst vor einigen Tagen wieder angefangen hat zu stechen im linken Auge >.< ... Wir haben Jasmin zuerst bei Wudaokou getroffen, wo wir auch nochmal kurz zu dem Friseur gegangen sind, um einen Termin für die erste Gratishaarpflege auszumachen.
Der Markt war dann schon mal um einiges billiger als Sanditun, vor allem wo Jasmin, die schließlich auch fließend chinesisch spricht, beim Handeln helfen konnte. Ich hab da einiges gekauft, u.a. einen Hasenpulli (Fotos siehe Chengde später xD), eine Kappe, etc.
Nur war vermutlich eh schon reduziert oder so, die waren jedenfalls fast alle sehr handelunwillig und Sophie wurde auch einmal blöd angeblafft als sie meinte, etwas wäre zu teuer.
Später war dann die erste "Homeparty" in unserem Wohnhaus, nämlich bei der WG von der Kathi. War lustig, auch das Trinkspiel "Waterfall", bei dem Simon ... der Gewinner war. :P Außerdem entstand hier auch der Amandaaa-Insider *hust*. Jedenfalls war ich aber leider noch immer krank und hatte zwischendurch so Hustenanfälle, ich wäre wohl danach besser zu Hause geblieben... bin aber irgendwie trotzdem noch mit zu Sanditun gefahren, was ich dann aber bereut hab. Erstens war es schon mal extrem schwierig Taxis dorthin zu bekommen mit sovielen Leuten wie wir waren um die Uhrzeit (Mitternacht ca.), wo tote Hose in unserer Gegend ist. Am schwierigsten hatte es die kleine Gruppe, bei der kein Quotenasiate dabei war, an denen sind zig Taxis vorbeigefahren.
Naja, wir waren in einem Club namens "Mix", wobei Lena und ich uns noch schnell etwas (grausliches x_x) zu essen gekauft hatten und darum erst nachkamen. Um den Eintritt konnten wir uns übrigens drücken, das wären sonst satte 50 Yuan gewesen, einige andere aus der Gruppe haben scheinbar zahlen müssen. Wir saßen in so einer Art VIP Lounge, wo ich erst später draufgekommen bin, dass sich alle scheinbar einfach so zu einem Chinesen dazu gesetzt haben... xD Die Getränke waren recht teuer, aber es gab eh was an unserem Tisch, war sowieso voll die prollige Bar, am Eingang stand auch so ein teurer Wagen zur Schau... oO und eine hysterische betrunkene Frau wurde von zig Männern zurückgehalten , guter erster Eindruck!
Ich wurde von so einem jungen Mann namens "Kevin" xD zugelabert, der glaube ich Manager oder sowas war (angeblich) und mich und Kathi dann als Lügnerinnen bezichtigte, weil wir meinten, ich hätte noch kein Handy in Peking... naja, wo er Recht hat...
Jedenfalls sind Maria, Lena und ich dann schon früher gegangen und ungefähr drei Schritte nach dem Ausgang musste ich mich übergeben. Und nein, ich war noch vollkommen nüchtern, aber dieser eklige Snack in Kombination mit dem Reizhusten und der qualmenden Luft war dann glaub ich doch etwas zuviel. Ich hab übrigens Zeugen, Lena meinte ich war noch vollkommen klar! XD Auf der Suche nach einem Taxi war ich diesmal ja schon klüger und wir haben dann eins auf der Straße angehalten und nicht eines der bereits haltenden Abzockertaxis genommen.

Sonntags hieß es erstmal... schlafen...! Zu Mittag war ich Baozi essen, später dann noch mit Sophie Mondkuchen kaufen, denn am folgenden Tag war das Mondfest.

Montag, 12.9.: Das Mondfest! Sehr viel hat man eigentlich gar nicht davon mitbekommen, aber es war trotzdem nett. Besonders nett ja, dass man eigentlich frei hat, aber wir hatten trotzdem Unterricht, weil unser Unterricht vom Chengdeausflug kommender Woche vorverschoben wurde auf diesen Feiertag + Samstag. Ich hatte ja zwölf Mondkuchen gekauft, ging sich dann genau aus zum Verschenken bzw. eins zum Selberbehalten. XD Naja, dadurch, dass Sophie und Nives (und zuvor Qiqis Vater, der auf Besuch war von Shanghai) mir auch welche geschenkt hatten, hatte ich dann noch mehr zum Probieren. Ich glaube, manche konnten diese Mondkuchen gar nicht mehr sehen (vor allem weil sie teils recht eigen gefüllt sind), aber meine waren angeblich wirklich gut - find ich auch :P - , es gab Kürbiskern-, Rosenblatt-, und Kokosgeschmack oder so.
Mittagessen: mit Sophie Kungpao Chicken (das 2. Mal von vielen vielen Malen...) in diesem Restaurant essen, wo wir mit Hai waren.
Am Abend war ich zum ersten Mal im Leben Massage mit Qiqi (eine chinesische Massage um ca 80 + Fußmassage um 40 oder so, beides jeweils ca. 45 Min). War angenehm, aber auch nicht so der Brüller, beim nächsten Mal sollten wir wohl woanders hin. =O Ein Foto folgt noch!

An diesem Tag habe ich um Ersten Mal meine Sprachpartnerin getroffen! Wir waren in einem Café namens "Paradiso" auf dem Campus, ähnlich Starbucks, ziemlich versteckt (man muss eine Treppe hinabgehen, um hinzukommen, es ist also praktisch underground xD ). Sie war echt nett, wir haben uns auf Anhieb sehr gut verstanden und ich glaube, wir haben auch Glück gehabt, dass wir so ziemlich auf einer Wellenlänge sind. Sie hat ja auch noch Amanda als Sprachpartnerin und die zwei verstehen sich schon nicht ganz so gut, weil die Sprachpartnerin - Minduo - nicht viel von Partymachen etc. hält. Nach dem Kaffee hat sie mir jedenfalls noch die Jiaozi Mensa gezeigt, war ganz gut, obwohl ich ein Stück Eierschale in einem Jiaozi hatte. o.O
Ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher, ob es an dem Tag war, aber ich glaube ich war noch mit Michi und Mervin in einem Shanghairestaurant in der Nähe unserer Wohnung essen (mit einer toll übersetzten englischen Speisekarte, die Speisen wie "super vegetarian chicken" hat!), ich hatte eine Wantansuppe. :3 War das erste Mal, das ich dort war. Ist ganz gut, aber bestellen ist etwas schwer wenn man nicht chinesisch lesen kann.

Ich war diesmal mit Qiqis Unterstützung beim Friseur und hab eine dieser zwei gratis Haarkuren machen lassen. Ihr wollten sie auch wieder was andrehen, aber haben sie nicht geschafft. :O
Hat ziemlich lang gedauert, wir waren ja die ganze Zeit in Wudaokou, und ich hab schließlich Meng, die an dem Tag in Peking angekommen ist, getroffen. Wir waren zuerst in so einem Kaffeeladen/Bäckerei was trinken und noch in einer Shisha Bar (haben Apfel, Traube und Erdbeer ausprobiert!) mit Michi, Amanda, Nives, Mervin, Guoyo, Qiqi und dem Stefan, den Qiqi mitgebracht hat. Ich war dann zum Schluss noch mit Amanda, Michi, Guoyo, Mervin und Nives im "La Bamba". Die Cocktails in Peking sind BTW nicht so toll gemischt und in diesem Fall dauerten sie (bzw ein einziger, aber wir haben gemeinsam gewartet) auch ewig...


Mervin und Guoyo:

Die Wand im La Bamba XD :
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14 January 2011 @ 02:22 am
I thought this meme was actually quite nice! Here goes:

1 - Go to wikipedia and hit random. The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band. 2 - Go to quotationspage.com and hit random. The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album. 3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”. Third picture no matter what it is, will be your album cover. 4 - Use photoshop or similar (picnik.com is a free online photo editor) to put it all together. 5 - Post it with this text in the "caption"

Here's mine:

I got this from some friends via facebook. The results are very nice to look at IMO. xD
26 December 2010 @ 09:01 pm

So I've been making the  characters of Colors in Sims! XD I haven't played that far yet but I think I'll just give you an overview and show you some screenshots.

Cut for pictures :3Collapse )



That's it for now 8D !

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15 June 2010 @ 01:07 am

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december 18 2011: back from hiatus! replies might still come slow though (horrible internet connection here) and I've still got a lot of things to fix... december 26: advent 21: odyssey18
go fish 73: burn14
trade6/7: intuition14, nagi16 to Moon for dawn03, england12
trade8/9: forbidden06, sealand02 to tales_fan (Elphie) for mako05, onmyouji18
trade10/11: dragon16, brave16 to futachimaru (John) for airyglyph18, howl04
(from before hiatus) trade12: airyglyph15 to Eri for knightmare08
(from before hiatus) trade13/14: blastia08, blastia17 to Remus for record05, tails08 pokeradar 71: rat17, ultima02
shadow watching 69: colonel16, green12
conan's clues 72: uaa03, diligent14
december release: hostess16, billionaire07, driving05, beastman02, rash09, polite06, ponta07, chu-hi20 and sword10
january release: bondage10, drillspear07, revolution10, cockroaches19, predilection05, diamonddust05, souls05, avarice13, winter20
trade15: taciturn14 to suhoons for onmyouji11
trade16: billionaire07 to miyasaikou for zero07
trade17,18: hostess16, bondage10 to arushiaoi for onmyouji13, tails07
trade19,20,1,2: flame16, goggles14, leader10, drillspear07 to futachimaru for twinstar13, gakuen03, kiseru19
trade3,4,5: driving15, beastman02, and rash09 to stopping for esper18, southitaly04 and spain06
trade6: revolution10 to tsuruhime for cocky08
trade7: cockroaches19 to ulquiorrasch for knightmare03
trade8: predilection05 to yamanaika for america14
trade9,10: souls05, diamonddust05 to nerrin for logic03, ero-cook17
03-17: still to update:
games, advent calendar, 3 sketchpads, card count
3-20: cashed in 3 sketchpads: tonkotsu07, aptx486909, straycat03, resentment02, soldier11, bravo19, yellow, red, blue crayon
art shop: 2 x red for howl12, howl16, 3 x grey for dawn04, 14, 15, 2 x purple for zero03, 04, 4 x orange for sensei06, 08, 14, 15, 3 x green for england08, 17, 19, 3 x brown for knightmare07, 11, 14, 6 x yellow for america02, 03, 04, 11, 13, 18, 3 x blue for mako07, 20, 15
conan's clues 73: revolver03, death04
rukia's art 82: pal16, godknows08
costume party 73: orenji10.gif, newrecruit16, cheerful03
conan's clues 74: tengu10, twinstar07
advent calendar 23: creampuff02, icebeam11
advent calendar22: dawn02, newyears20
advent 20: mako04
advent19: reality16, hairclips12, kamatari14, ninja04, quack12, wine05, deer19, secondroom11
advent18: zero18
advent17: oldest06, technician19, dote14
advent16: sensei17
12 June 2010 @ 03:47 pm
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08 June 2010 @ 07:55 am
05-15: joined, starter pack (9 + 2): sympathy01, 15, brave09, 10, 11, squats14, smile15, timberowl14 + violence12, cigarettes16
new decks freebies (8) : sympathy09, flame09, brave14, sin12, fullmetal08, hyperion20, loveless07, violence01, trade1 cigarettes16 to orechibisama   for loveless08
05-16: trade2 smile15 to orechibisama   for loveless02, primary set donation: violin11, information19, trade3 squats14 to chromoplasted   for rose03
precious set donation: violin13, alien12, trade4/5 violin13, timberowl14 to sparkism for sympathy14 and smoker08
trade6/7 violin11, alien12 to moon_wolfwriter  for violence16, information04
05-17: sketchpad donation: twentyone05, kira06, trade8 rose03 to sakusha  for flame07
trade9 smoker06 to mongoosehwrs  for sympathy11, trade10 information14 to slashed_dream  for flame05
05-18: trade11 kira06 to orian  for sympathy17
05-24: trade12 information04 to vriska  for sympathy08
05-25: trade13 fullmetal08 to algorithmrondo  for sympathy07
05-28: trade14 twentyone05 to ladybahamoth  for loveless20
: new deck freebies (8): prince08, acepilot19, persocom01, stapler09, julia09, jealousy01, goggles15, kind20
referral: pitcher08, softball19,
birthday (3): heart12, erokappa03, kira17, brown crayon, got 3 signature cards
second starter pack (8):  violence01, priest13, record18, kind07, meister12, arrogant12, flame08, flame01
trade15/16 julia09, jealousy01 to externalities for brave07, flame20, trade17/18 persocom01 to orechibisama  for loveless15, trade19 stapler09 to ratiosu  for prince05, trade20/1/2/3 record18, kind07, goggles15, kind20 to sakusha  for brave08, sympathy06, loveless18, acepilot16, trade4/5/6 arrogant12, heart12  to vriska for sympathy04, sympathy16 + swapped signatures, trade7/8/9 priest13, erokappa03 to achuu for violence06, violence 13 + swapped signatures
modpay pre-join (5 deck donations + 12 decks made): twinstar19, logic15, prince06, zura14, phones12, jealousy15, asobot14, record16, violence06, brave12, kira11, nerd06, gray crayon, kekkai17, violence09, bungee15, violence14, sin14, trade10 logic15 to lucathia_rykatu  for sympathy03, sketchpad: fashion04, magical05, red crayon, trade11/12 record16, magical05 to kaiya for loveless01, brave19
06-04: trade13 kira17 to oriaon  for sympathy18, trade14 meister12 to sparkism  for sympathy05, trade15 phones12 to chromoplasted  for loveless12, trade16/17 violence01, violence06 to angel_of_faith  for honest05, honest19, trade18 twinstar19 to ladybahamoth for acepilot18, trade19 fashion04 to lucathia_rykatu  for brave03
06-05: trade20 kekkai17 to farsketched  for loyalty09, sketchpad: assassin09, amulet02, green crayon, trade1 assassion09 to externalities  for logic10, trade2 logic10 to lucathia_rykatu  for acepilot11, trade3 zura14 to starprincessl  for sympathy02
06-08: trade4 asobot14 to orechibisama  for temper17, trade5 amulet02 to xianaasuka  for acepilot12
06-10: pokeradar: dragon19, bungee02, trade6/7/8 temper17, bungee02, jealousy15 to mirajane  for flame04, honest01, honest07, neku's music station 1: prince17, trigger14, meister04, switch it up 1: switched pitcher08 for acepilot17, trade9 trigger14 to sunkingly  for honest06, trade10 dragon19 to mongoosehwrs  for sympathy13
, trade grey crayon to achuu  for blue, trade red + green crayon to chromoplasted  for 2 x blue
art shop: 3 blue crayons for sympathy10, sympathy12, sympathy20
06-12: trade11 meoster04 tosabriel  for cigarettes12, trade12 softball19 to slashed_dream  for sympathy19, mastered sympathy: rock17, brave05, boxer03, orange crayon
06-13: seiyuu guess: raven19, timberowl05, brown crayon, rukia's art lesson: honey03, record10, trade13 record10 to sakusha for brave18. trade14 rock17 to kikai7   for honest02
06-14: trade15 raven19 to achuu  for sin07, guess the color 1: duality20, arrogant15

05-16 neku's music 02: brave03, angel16, record11,
host club 01: loyalty11, rookie05,
reading between the lines 01: priest09, chat11, kira12,
trade16: brave03 to kaze for prince01,
trade17/18: arrogant15, boxer03 to Eri for honest14, sin02,
trade19: chat11 to norkia for loyalty16,
trade20: cigarettes12 to Kuri for hyperion04,
recycled art: eyes12 sketchpad: yellow crayon, lionheart01, shadow04
trade1/2: priest09, angel16 to sakusha for honest08, prince18
mod pay: cigarettes09, goggles02, angel05, julia03, kind16, monocle06, bungee19, spear12, five17, heart02, junes14, knightmare08, duality09, doll02, cabbage11, fashion16, hornet19, monocle12, council08, bungee05 trade3/4: kind16, goggles02 to sakusha for loveless19, prince07
trade5/6: rookie05, fashion16 to lucathia for acepilot14, loyalty13
trade7: angel05 to kidalanna for acepilot15
trade8: doll02 to Eurphaessa for violence02
trade9: five17 to Schizoid for flame16
trade10: shadow04 to Jane for assassin14
trade11/12: priest09, monocle06 to Kikai for loyalty13, sin16
06-17: graffiti 01: kind13, kind17, bungee15, boxer14, detective13 trade 13/14: kind13, kind17 to sakusha for acepilot02, violence03
poke radar02: eccentric07, operator17, oblivious13
trade15: bungee15 to Jane for loveless05
trade16: bungee19 to sakusha for loyalty06
trade17: monocle12 to Kaiya for prince02
trade18: cigarettes19 to stopping for loyalty12 trade19/20: knightmare08, assassin14 to kaze for prince08, honest17
trade1: kira12 to Asuka for brave16
trade2: eccentric07 to Caitirin for brave20
sketchpad: doll07, alien11, red crayon
crossword 1: loyalty20, rubber02, fashion20, rose15, orange crayon
trade3: operator17 to chuu for prince04
trade4: spear12 to disutansu for prince13
06-18: trade5: julia04 to Ka-chan for sin04
trade6: fashion20 to sakusha for acepilot07
trade7: rubber02 to Aletha for honest09
level orange: achoo02, fullmetal03, brave01, orange crayon
trade8: timberowl05 to Aisu for loveless03
trade9/10: cabbage11, julia03 to Nem for flame17, sin18
pick your color: chat19
trade11: boxer14 to Blue for loyalty07
trade12: rose15 to Crystal for loyalty15
traded 3 orange crayons to Tari for 3 red crayons
trade13/14: loyalty13, duality20 to norkia for prince11, acepilot06
trade15: chat19 to norkia for honest12
trade16: hornet19 to Indigo for violence11
6-19: trade17: junes03 to Lex for fashion07
6-20: trade18: alien11 to Patricia for kira19
trade19: kira19 to kaze for brush09
trade20: brush09 to Tari for violence15
trade1: temper07 to Patricia for prince16
trade2; heart02 to Kuri for brave13
sketchpad: brown crayon, violence10, otaku12
cashed in 4 red crayons for brave04, brave06, brave15, brave17
trade3; lionheart1 to Meru for loyalty08
trade4: fashion07 to asuka for brave02
trade5: otaku12 to sakusha for hyperion08
mastered brave: brown crayon, violence08, sew07, beloved11
seiyuu guess 02: green crayon, swimming, cabbage
trade6: sew07 to Blue for acepilot20
6-21: trade7: junes14 to Eri for loyalty02
guess the color 2: angel11, zura16
6-22: trade8/9: cabbage03, angel13 to norkia for honest15, honest16
6-23: trade10: zura16 to Remus for flame18
Neku's music station 3: brush01, phones04, assassin17
trade11 assassin17 to Kuri for traitor08
trade12/13 brush01, duality to Lucius for brush20, nerd07
6-24: trade14: brush20 to Tari for sin10
traded a blue crayon to chuu for an orange crayon
recycled art: acepilot08, violence14
poke radar 3: scar06, cigarettes17
trade15: scar06 to rhap-chan for prince12
trade16: nerd07 to Aletha for acepilot01
trade17: violence14 to Crystal for prince20
6-26:: trade18: cigarettes17 to Remus for kid07
trade19: kid07 to chikky for fashion19
go fish 3: junes01
rukia's art: perceive04, keyblade17
6-27:: trade20: beloved11 to Lazuli for violence20
trade1: doll07 to Eurphaessa for sin06
6-28: trade2: fullmetal10 to Moon for loyalty14
guess the color 3: kekkai11, kind09
sketchpad: persocom09, eccentric17, red crayon
trade3/4: persocom09, kekkai11 to Eurphaessa for sin11, erokappa17
trade5: erokappa17 to Kikai for loyalty05
6-29: received two gray crayons as a birthday gift from kaze
trade6: onmyouji03 to sabriel for sin09
trade7: kind09 to kaze for chupa14
seiyuu guess 3: twinstar20, perceive17
trade8: chupa14 to sakusha for violence05
7-01: trade9: council08 for loyalty18
trade10: phones04 to kaiya for bungee12
reading between the lines 2: kekkai05, gunsmoker07, cigarettes08
neku's music station 4: record10, model05, cigarettes20
host club giveaway 2: fog14, smile18
trade11: achoo02 to Kits for violence08
trade12: perceive17 to sakusha for flame10
07-05: trade13: fashion19 to asuka for prince15
beauty pagant 2: persocom08, alien20, sin15, blue crayon
trade14/15: perceive04, keyblade17 to Wing for information15, traitor06
graffiti 2: shadow09, witch12, dragon19, rookie07, fashion14
pick a color 2: persocom10, trumpet07, violence17
trade16: violence08 to norkia for loveless09
trade17: swimming03 to Mnemosyne for dynames13
trade18: bungee12 to Jane for prince10
rukia's art lessons 4: twinstar15, rose01
trade19: kekkai05 to disutansu for acepilot03
crossword 2: monocle15, dynames11, duality12, chupa17, grey crayon
trade20: model05 to Hana for sin08
pokeradar 4: headbamd01
switch it up 2: bungee05 for zura10
07-08: mod pay: brown, violet, red crayon, aimo12, trigger02, secret14, chat02, assassin08, deadpan07, tomboy19, erokappa16, peach09, knightmare04, moon11, softball17, keyblade09, ronin05, asobot07, zanber13, assassin20, flame19 (18)
trade1: oblivious13 to Lucathia for prince14 deckmaker pay: brown, grey, blue crayon, captain12, cigarettes04, stapler16, novelist04, jokes17, mysteria06, pitcher07, friendship12, angel01, hornet09, nerd20, priest04, paopufruit19, deadpan17, witch18, heart14 (18)
deck release freebies (9): sin05, glass02, memorized17, skypirate01, civilian04, engineer04, morning16, snake04
trade2/3/4: engineer04, civilian04, snake04 to Tari for memorized10, skypirate10, sin20
trade5/6: library12, duality12 to Rin for skypirate20, memorized02
trade7/8: chupa17, eyes12 to Rowan for loyalty01, honest18
trade9/10: stapler17, morning16 to Chuu for loyalty17, memorized13
trade11: glass02 to Kits for memorized01
trade12: jokes17 to kaze for logic10
leveled to yellow: violence19, achoo05, blind03, yellow crayon
trade13: moon11 to Tari for flame13
trade14: hornet09 to Siouxsie for loveless16
trade15/16: information15, logic10 to Patricia for violence18, traitor10
seiyuu guess 4: otaku14, erokappa14
sketchpad: prince08, automail09, yellow crayon, cashed in gray crayon: prince19
trade17/18: friendship12, knightmare04 to Moon for hyperion, hyperion
trade19/20: assassin08, assassin18 to kaze for acepilot13, skypirate18
crayons: 1 yellow for violence04, 3 brown for loyalty03, loyalty10, loyalty19, 2 green for sin01, sin17 07-09: mastered violence: yellow crayon, sin03, doll16, television20
trade1: blind03 to Chuu for prince03
trade2: novelist09 to sakusha for acepilot05
mastered prince: red crayon, sin19, ice11, keyblade14
trade3: prince08 to Paras for loveless13
trade4: assassin20 to Jane for acepilot10
trade5: television20 to Rowan for loyalty04
mastered loyalty: blue crayon, sympathy06, lunar06, sin13
mastered sin: brown crayon, honest04, beloved18, memories08
07-10: trade6: chat02 to norkia for traitor03
trade7/8: lunar06, zanber13 to Ka-chan for traitor09, traitor18
recycled art: fullmetal07, fullmetal19
trade9: junes01 to Nem for traitor04
trade10: priest04 to Chuu for flame11
trade11: record10 to disutansu for memorized12
trade12/13/14: ice11, trigger02, monocle15 to Remus for loveless11, brush12, logic20
trade15: brush12 to Tari for flame15
07-11: poke radar 05: dynames13, meister02
trade16: peach09 to Meru for hyperion14
trade17/18/19: persocom10, erokappa14, keyblade09 to Kikai for loveless14, traitor12, dragon07
07-12: sketchpad: blue crayon, brush08, dragon17
guess the color 5: julia18, rookie18
7-14: trade20: ronin05 to Meru for traitor02
trade1: tomboy19 to Ka-chan for memorized03
7-15: reading between the lines 3: kunst07, acepilot13, five03
host club giveaway 3: violin19, flame09
trade2: flame09 to Jane's flame06, traded two yellow crayons to Eri for two purple
neku's music 6: zephyr19, asobot06, sin15
sketchpad: red crayon, five07, swimming20
trade3: brush08 to Ka-chan for fullmetal01
trade4/5: zephyr19, eccentric17 to Norkia for honest03, memorized07
7-16: trade6: deadpan07 to Paras for fullmetal09
trade7: headband01 to Lucathia for hyperion06
beauty pagant 3: loyalty11, ronin04, brave16, secret01, green crayon
trade8: ronin04 to Meru for memorized14
graffiti 3: ice09, money08, owner09, amulet03, gunsmoker16
mod pay (14): chat12, aimo06, arrogant13, flame07, dhampir17, mako18, trainer13, dawn11, glass20, erokappa16, aimo17, jokes19, timberowl04, model12, 2 x brown + violet crayon
trade9: jokes19 to kaze for memorized20
izaya's information 3: hyperion20 for squats18, clueless10
trade10/11: sin15, sympathy06, 1 green, 1 brown crayon to chikky for mamushi11, oblivious20, 2 orange crayons
trade12: acepilot13 to Lex for fullmetal14
trade13/14/15: chat12, heart14, amulet03 to Eri for logic05, orange crayon
trade16: 2 blue crayons, fullmetal09 to Siouxsie for 2 orange crayons, traitor16, traded one blue crayon to Lucius for one orange
trade17/18: mamushi11, oblivious20 to Agathe for raven01, operator13
trade19: operator13, 1 gray crayon to Tari for sky pirate07, purple crayon
art shop (13): 9 x orange crayons for traitor01, traitor05, traitor07, traitor13, traitor14, traitor15, traitor17, traitor19, traitor20, 4 x purple crayons for honest10, honest13, honest19, honest20
7-17: art shop (2): 1 x gray crayon for tuxedo11, 1 x purple crayon for honest11
trade20: tuxedo11 to Tari for sky pirate15
trade1: deadpan17 to Paras for hyperion10
mastered honest: sergeant10, fog02, acepilot04, blue crayon
leveled up to green: blue crayon, acepilot09, ice13, butler15
trade2/3: five03, five07 to Lucathia for violin01, violin12
trade4/5: violin01, violin12 to Lucius for traitor11, skypirate02
switch it up 3: dynames13 for hyperion17
mastered ace pilot: drugs03, operator05, flame12, violet crayon
mastered traitor: shadow06, idol17, flame14, blue crayon
finished portfolio 1: izanagi09, rookie09, jealousy04, morning10, brown, red, green, blue crayon
7-18: trade6: idol17 to Hana for hyperion19
trade7: morning10 to Chuu for memorized09
sketchpad: blastia017, revenge04, brown crayon, traded 1 x red crayon for 1 x signature card
trade8: sergeant10 to Tari for mako13
seiyuu guess 5: squats04, paopufruit03
pick a color 3: keyblade15, bandages20
7-20 trade9: squats18 to kaze for hyperion16
trade10: dynames11 to Rin for dragon04
guess the color 6: memories04, zephyr15
crossword 3: kekkai02, chaos19, deadpan07, red crayon
poke radar 6: council18, jealousy04
recycled art: assassin15, chaos12
trade11: signature cards with Jane
7-21 - 7-26: trade12: squats04 to Lex for memorized04, trade13: keyblade15 to sakusha for hyperion11, trade14: cigarettes04 to Aletha for memorized16, trade15: owner09 to disutansu for dragon01, trade16/17/18: aimo06, aimo12, aimo17 to Jane for hyperion01, hyperion12, skypirate12, trade19: butler15 to Chuu for dragon12
switch it up 4: jealousy04 for tomboy07
poke radar 7: bungee20, 0-16
neku's music 7: shadow13, aniue14, revenge03
7-27: recycled art: hatter15, eyes20
7-29: trade20/trade1: paopufruit03, paopufruit19 to Siouxsie for skypirate11, dragon06
trade2: dhampir17 to Rei for dragon13
trade3/4: timberowl04, swimming20 to Aisu for dragon16, fullmetal12
host club 4: jokes19, revenge15
neku's music 8: junes12, revenge11, brave17
seiyuu guess 6: honest12, trainer10, phones13
7-30: trade5/6: honest12, trumpet07 to Wing for hyperion15, fullmetal09
trade7: raven01 to sakusha for squats17
8-3: sketchpad: shocking06, timberowl07, brown crayon
2 blue crayons for flame02, flame03
mod pay (14): sergeant16, ronin04, chaos11, drugs09, pentagram02, library16, maid11, five01, foxhound07, hatter06, achoo01, revolver04, mamushi056, five04, green + orange + gray crayon
beauty pagant 4: trumpet11, zero15, friendship10, julia15, red crayon
guess the color 8: loveless07, kekkai11
rukia's art lessons 8: chaos17, lunar04
trade8: arrogant03 to Kaiya for skypirate
trade9: junes12 to Crystal for memorized15
trade10: keyblade14 to sakusha for skypirate05
trade11: hatter15 to Azurei for memorized08
recycled art: headband06, beloved07
8-04: trade12: sergeant16 to Norkia for skypirate13
trade13: jokes19 to Chikky for loveless06
trade14/15: revenge15, drugs09 to Eri for skypirate04, logic09
trade16/17: mako09, mako14 to Lucius for rookie07, rookie09
deck release freebies (8): coffee05, sadist09, tabris14, thief07, oracle16, janken02, guitar03, venus04
trade18/19: chaos12, drugs03 to Blue for hyperion05, skypirate09
trade20/1: dawn11, izanagi09 to Chuu for memorized05, memorized18
trade2: shadow09 to Lucathia for fullmetal05
mastered flame: dance18, bass14, hyperion02, purple crayon
8-05: trade2/3: mako09, janken02 to Jane for loveless17, skypirate14
trade4: dynames13 to Tally for mako01
switch it up 4: erokappa16 for kira03
trade5: thief07 to Tari for sadist16
trade6: oracle16 to Chuu for hyperion18
trade7: otaku14 to Floory for dawn08
deckmaking (17 + 1): headband17, smile09, moon02, solar06, keyblade15, zanber10, witch11, key04, knightmare12, castle17, sin13, loveless18, dhampir09, wired10, monta04, moon18, key17, gray crayon
deck donations (6 + 2): bubbly10. headhband15, smile14, priest17, doctor11, brave17
8-08: traded 2 red crayons to Kaiya for 1 purple + 1 orange
trade8: dhampir09 to Kikai for coffee07
trade9: assassin15 to Chuu for coffee19
trade10/11/12: chaos11, twinstar15, twinstar20 to disutansu for dawn13, dawn20, kira08
trade13: bass14 to Gil for kira19
trade14: bubbly19 to Sakusha for tabris16
trade15: guitar03 to Gil for skypirate06
switch it up 5: asobot06 for loveless04
blue level up: oblivious20, chupa06, operator03, orange crayon
crossword 4: rubber20, boxer10
trade16: asobot07 to Kuri for kira01
traded 1 red crayon to Lucathia for 1 yellow
8-11: recycled art: twinstar05, loveless16
8-13: beauty pagant 5: skypirate14, venus09, swimming20, slave15, orange crayon
sketchpad: assassin07, directions08, yellow crayon
art shop: 2 red crayons for memorized11, memorzed19, 1 brown for skypirate17, 1 gray for hyperion03
trade17: friendship10 to Kayleigh for dragon15
trade18: rookie18 to Lucathia for dance06
trade19: knightmare12 to Lucius for skypirate03
trade20: trainer13 to Mew for howl02
between the lines 5: hyperion09, bubbly07, tomboy04
poke radar 9: cheer04, adore09
trade1: zanber10 to Meru for dragon20
trade2/3: bandages20, monta04 to Rin for kira07, dance07
mastered memorized: spear19, smoker06, hyperion07, brown crayon
mastered hyperion: oblivious01, kekkai05, loveless10, brown crayon
mastered loveless: owner13, rabbit17, coffee03, blue crayon
host club: owner04, eccentric02
pick a color 4: cetra18, violence01, kid01
8-14: trade4: oblivious01 to Jane for skypirate19
trade5: adore09 to Jane for skypirate08
trade6: castle17 to Nem for dance11
trade7: timberowl07 to Lex for coffee18
mastered sky pirate: chaos10, squats07, hyperion11, yellow crayon
8-15 trade8/9: signatures and revolver04 to Dara for dawn12
trade10: brave17 to Remus for mako02
trade11: glass20 to Kits for fullmetal04, brown crayon for yellow
traded 2 brown crayons to Meru for 2 purple
izaya's information 3: foxhound12, mako06, deadpan13, chupa11, hyperion09 and hyperion11 for sensei16, spoiled06, friendship16, angel10
trade12: spoiled06 to Kaze for dragon18
trade13: bubbly07 to Aletha for coffee01
art lessons 9: emperor10, popular02
guess th color 9: temper01, directions03
trade14: angel10 to Kidalanna for mayonnaise15
8-19: traded one blue crayon to Chuu for a red one
guess the color 10: contract15, fashion05, kind08, automail19
crosswords 5: pal20, bass09, traitor02
sketchpad: violence10, sensei03, red crayon
trade15/16: bass09, contract15 to Twiggy for fullmetal16, tabris15 trade17: doctor11 to Eri for tabris01
trade18/19: tomboy07, flame07 to Tress for kira06, kira11
trade20: witch11 to Kits for sadist08
sketchpad: 007, aniue12, purple crayon
trade1: kekkai05, brown crayon to Meru for kira14, purple crayon
trade2: tomboy04 to Ka-chan for mako09
trade3/4: ronin04, smile09 to Hana for fullmetal20, sadist02
trade5: keyblade15 to Kikai for sadist11
modpay (14 + 3): brave20, 6604, cynical15, bride02, trigger12, model12, sympathy12, cello06, spoiled05, keyblade05, spoiled19, assassin10, cynical12, perceive12, red, blue, brown crayon
trade5: operator05 to Sam for mayonnaise05
seiyuu guess 7: flute17, monta02
trade6/7: foxhound07, foxhound12 to Jun for howl06, dragon10
8-20: trade8: memories08 to Rowan for coffee08
trade9: swimming20 to Chikky for tabris18
trade10/11: spoiled05, spoiled19 to Kaze for mayonnaise17, howl18
8-23: trade10: ice09 to Kits for kira16
seiyuu guess 08: key16, fashion08
swapped 2 red crayons for my signature cards
poke radar 10/11: foxhound13, fog10, scar15, dhampir15
rukia's art 9: uranus05, monta09, directions01
switch it up 6: model12 for objection02
leveled up to purple: foxhound03, thief01, coffee16, purple crayon
trade11: assassin17 to Tress for fullmetal18
trade12/13: loyalty11, perceive12 to Wing for zura04, guitar15
traded a gray crayon to Lucathia for a green one
trade14: alien20 to Meg for dawn09
trade15/16: revenge03, revenge04 to Chuu for sadist18, dance08
trade17/18: directions03, directions08 to Meru for howl09, mayonnaise12
trade19: revenge11 to Lex for twinstar01
trade20: model12 to Sam for howl15
trade1: softball17 to Paras for kora04
trade2: automail09 to Sakusha for coffee02
trade3/4: owner04, signature to disutansu for tabris05, signature
trade5: guitar15 to Gil for dragon02
trade6: witch12 to Mnemosyne for sadist06
guess the color 11: rubber04, rose20
8-28: trade7: owner13 to Caitirin for mako03
trade8: kind08 to Moon for kira12
trade9: castle17 to Salt for howl07
trade10: venus09 to Crystal for kira15
neku's music 11: takoyaki12, directions18, manikatti06
between the lines 6: pride01, tails02, howl13
8-31: recycled art: nerd01, rock14
poke radar 12: cabbage14, council09
rukia's art 12: cello03, shadow07
guess the color 12: flame16, oracle18
trade11/12: lunar04, solar06 to Meru for mayonnaise07, dawn02
trade13; assassin10 to Kaze for coffee09
trade14: meister02 to Meru for mayonnaise06
trade15/16: manikatti06, chaos10 to Tress for dance20, kira18
trade17: boxer10 to Jas for sadist07
trade18: sympathy12 to Chikky for tails12
trade19: key17 to Norkia for tabris06
9-02: crossword 6: key19
switch it up: rubber04 for karaiya19
shadow watching 1: foxhound17, assassin
trade20: rabbit17 to Moon for sadist15
trade1/2: loyalty11, fashion14 to Eri for sukonbu15, rock14
09-05: trade3/4: rock14, priest17 to Chuu for cabbage08, monocle12 neku's music 12: flash06, revolver19, pentagram19
rukia's art 13: optimist15, zero11
switch it up: beloved18 for chief17
art shop: 4 blue crayons for dragon03, 05, 09, 11, 1 red crayon for signature
2 x sketchpads: purple, green crayon, chat01, scar01, trigger02, charm01
trade5: sensei19 to Aletha for priest11
trade6/7/8: angel01, mysteria06, trainer13 to Blue for paopufruit20, coffee09, loyalty13
seiyuu guess 9: brave15, ribbon13, bronco07
go fish 13: chaos20
host club: loyalty09, angel03
9-06: modpay (20): king19, solar14, yo-yo10, blastia08, beli09, castle14, optimist08, doctor15, tsundere17, guild14, cynical04, zearth04, rock12, doll13, bite01, goggles15, clueless07, answer09, un-sorcerer04, flower20, brown, green, blue crayon
pot of gold orange, brown, yellow: idol02, kagutsuchi15, german11, sukonbu19, chaos10, capture10, disaster19
trade9: assassin16 to Lucathia for kira05
release (8 + 1) : chainsaw17, england01, america05, deny02, fierce05, cannon05, van09, fujoshi06 + gramarye14
trade10: chainsaw17 to Rei for coffee04
trade11/12: signature, cannon05 to Tari for signature, england14
trade13: 6605 to Rin for coffee20
trade14: maid11 to Aisu for erokappa05
trade15: idol02 to Hana for dance19
trade16/17: fierce05, deny02 to Gil for dragon14, england05
trade18: pal20 to Mew for england06
trade19/20: cynical12, takoyaki12 to Jane for howl11, howl17
trade1: foxhound13 to Anneko for howl20
lottery 1: traded beloved07, brave15, fog03, erokappa16, money03 for 5 x tickets trade2/3: fujoshi06, king19 to Chuu for dance17, england09
deckmaker payment (15 + 2 crayons): taciturn07, waitress15, zwei04, council12, oblivious02, council17, bubbly01, aimo03, awaken13, sensei18, zearth09, whispered10, violin05, marimo08, falchion18. green, brown crayon
5 x green crayons for coffee06, coffee10, coffee12, coffee13, coffee15
mastered coffee: starfish06, rock07, gray crayon
pot of gold blue: rock14, monocle12, priest11, erokappa05 for engineer14, otomen19, crush10, pal02
pot of gold green: traitor10
trade4: solar14 to Tress for sadist04
trade5: tsundere17 to Gil for fullmetal10
trade6: taciturn07 to Hana for mayonnaise10
trade7: zwei04 to Tari for kira13
trade8: clueless07 to Wing for sadist10
trade9/10: cynical04, cynical15 to Kaiya for sadist17, mayonnaise08
trade11/12: zero15, doll13 to Kits for fullmetal03, mayonnaise20
trade13/14: cello03, cheer04 to Kuri for knightmare06, knightmare10
trade15: waitress15 to Gil for howl05
trade16: revolver10 to Dara for kira20
9-08: trade17: aimo03 to Jane for tabris04
trade18: zura10 to Remus for mako19
trade19: chaos10 to Lucius for mayonnaise14
level brown: tabris08, dna05, key15, green crayon
recycled art: nerd06, cigarettes03
trade20: spear19 to disutansu for howl14
trade1: falchion18 to Twiggy for fullmetal06
sketchpad: japan08, monocle15, orange crayon
4 x brown crayons for kira02, kira04, kira09, kira17
traded 1 brown crayon to disutansu for 1 orange
traded 1 gray crayon to Jane for 1 orange
9 x purple crayons for tabris02, tabris03, tabris10, tabris07, tabris11, tabris13, tabris17, tabris19, tabris20
sketchpad: zangetsu18, friendship07, red crayon
9-18: trade2: bronco07 to Meg for japan04
trade3: engineer14 to Norkia for mako12
trade4: friendship16 to Fluff for sensei09
trade5/6: violence10, violence01 to Ouji-tan for van01, taciturn14
trade7: 016 to Kikai for mako16
trade8/9: kagutsuchi15, directions18 to Meru for knightmare04, dance13
trade10: twinstar01 to disutansu for kora02
trade11: keyblade05 to Ouji-tan for tails01
trade12: slave15 to Harumi for logic14
crazy colors: jealousy04, money08 for: bronco08, question15,
trade13/14: monta09, bronco08 to Rin for mayonnaise11, fullmetal15
artshop: 7 orange crayons for sadist01, sadist03, sadist05, sadist12, sadist13, sadist14, sadist19
trade15: fashion05 to Asuka for kira09
trade16: crush10 to Mew for america08
pick a color 5: ice20, rose11
trade17: pentagram02 to disutansu for mayonnaise04
rukia's art lessons 14: mamushi04, emperor16
neku's music station 13: rebirth02, glass01, sigmund18
trade18/19: fog14, shocking06 to Joey for kira10, sensei11
mastered tabris, sadist, kira: fujoshi10, engineer17, sadist20, endless15, rock17, fullmetal11, fullmetal07, brat14, adore16, 1 brown, 1 gray, 1 blue crayon
mastered 2nd portfolio: delinquent18, deer08, bite15, shujin20, 2 x yellow, 1 x red, 1 x blue crayon
trade20: squats07 to Makoto for dance05
9-19: mod pay (24 + 3 crayons): bloody rose17, meister13, pms11, soldier04, whispered16, izanagi17, loyalty03, bloodyrose05, manikatti02, third03, rayearth20, sin20, delinquent08, sweet18, sew19, cain01, dragon16, friendship12, guild01, warrior16, heart18, squats18, achoo06, headband18, yellow, 2 x orange crayons
trade1/2: dna05, traitor10 to Ouji-tan for zero05, sensei02
trade3: charm01 to Hyu for knightmare12
9-30: trade4: endless15 to Kuma for jokes20
trade5: phones13 to Mari for sensei07
trade6/7: ice13, yo-yo10 to Tress for sensei12, sensei13
trade8: pentagram19 to Remus for dawn11
host club 7: gamble18, destiny11
beauty pagant 8: spoiled09, perfect02, dattebayo01, eccentric09, brown crayon
shadow watching 3: disaster12, scar06
shadow watching 4: chat19, deer11
shadow watching 5: lorelei05, dynames04
rukia's art lessons 15: mayonnaise11, veda10
poke radar 16: kunst09, rival04
trade9: destiny11 to Gil for dawn10
trade10: question15 to Tress for knightmare01
trade11: council09 to Megchan for sensei04
trade12: chat01 to Mara for dance02
trade13: fujoshi10 to Eri for knightmare13
trade14/15: marimo08, mamushi04 to disutansu for SOS02, phones14
trade16/17: captain12, pitcher07 to Rin for knightmare18, america17
10-03: trade18: bite15 to Rin for mako08
10-05: mod pay: operator05, onmyouji05, alias14, ronin08, orange crayon
deckmaker pay: forbidden08, traitor18, god13, starfish13, shujin08, bass04, flame16, blue crayon
update freebies: president03, immortal01, taozi04, airyglyph01. spain14, south italy14, manager13, northitaly12
trade19: president03 to Chuu for zero08
trade20: warrior16 to Lazuli for mayonnaise16
trade1/2/3: immortal01, taozi04, ice20 to Tari for mayonnaise01, southitaly11, mako10
trade4: northitaly12 to Harumi for howl08
recycled art (10-02): mayonnaise09, knightmare01 and knightmare18
vote kou-kun:
amnesia07, caliber18
trade5/6: cabbage14, council17 to Lex for logic18, spain17
trade7: sweet18 to Megchan for dance10
art shop: sketchpad: spoiled10, bubbly18, 3 yellow crayons for fullmetal02, fullmetal13, fullmetal17, 2 red crayons for signature cards
trade8: signature cards with Sealand
leveled to gray: england11, onmyouji10, duality06, red crayon
on hiatus from october 10 to december 3rd, during that time: trade9: dynames04 to Aisu for dawn16
trade10: loyalty03 to Norkia for dawn19
trsde11/12: brave20, lorelei05 to Rin for zero01, zero20
trade13: five04 to Jane for southitaly12
trade14: 0-07 to Aletha for howl19
trade15: dattebayo01 to zags for airyglyph09
trade16: rose11 to Rhap-chan for knightmare02
trade17: brave17 to Rin for airyglyph15
trade18/19/20/1: flower20, shujin20, shujin08, achoo01 to Lucathia for knightmare09, knightmare19, logic19, tails14
trade2/3: key04, meister13 to Norkia mayonnaise03, zero17
trade4: witch10 to Moon for dawn17
trade5: fog10 to Keisey for england20
trade6: god13 to Twiggy for mayonnaise13
trade7: brat14 to Jane for tails14
trade8: moon02 to Crystal for tails06
trade9/10/11/12: loyalty03, chief17, bass04 and izanagi17 to Eri for sensei16, sensei19, sensei20, tails17
trade13: cetra18 to Siouxsie for dance04
trade14/15: dhampir15, spoiled10 to Ouji-tan for mayonnaise19, zero15
trade16/17: ronin08, bubbly18 to Kikai for howl03, mayonnaise18
seiyuu guess 13: tiger05, warrior03
trade18/19: tiger05, otomen19 to Salt for masamune16, outdated17
trade20: warrior03 to Meru for airyglyph15
trade1: rock07 to Moon for esper19
trade2/3: SOS02, phones14 to Kaiya for dance03, dance12
lottery02: bubbly01, bubbly08, bride02, deadpan07, deadpan13 for translator09, deadpan01, yo-yo18, nerd18, pentagram09, cello12
trade4: chaos20 to Makoto for sensei05
trade5: zephyr15 to Anna for tails17
guess the color 25: caution05, five19
trade5: zangetsu18 to Siouxsie for southitaly07
lottery: julia15, julia18, library16, scar06, scar15
november release: perm12, believe01, bigpuppy02, bad luck04, hungary02, eleven03, knife02, drei04
trade6: hungary02 to Gil for esper04
trade7/8/9: aniue12, aniue14, eleven03 to lucathia: dance09, mako11, perm10
trade10/11: answer09, optimist08 to Harumi for howl01, tails15
trade12: badluck04 to kaze for dance16
trade13/14: bloodyrose05, translator09 to lazuli for dance04, dance16
traded 2 blue crayons to Gil for 2 yellow
trade15: rose20 to Ouji-tan for zero19
crosswords 12: esper10, maou11
trade16/17: key15, key16 to Nem for dance15, tails18
trade18: chaos19 to Relika for dawn06
trade19: knife02 to Chuu for spain05
trade20/1: drei04, doctor15 to Tari for marimo15, england13
12-05: art shop: brown crayon, grey crayon for dance14, loyalty03, 3 sketchpads: sun16, fullmetal08, aquarius12, meganes04, loyalty01, curry07, orange, green, purple crayon
mastered fullmetal: mayonnaise02, tristan12, mirage01, orange crayon
mastered mayonnaise: phobia06, sealand02, dance01, grey crayon
mastered dance: sensei01, sergeant01, asobot08, red crayon
trade2: dance16 to kaze for knightmare16
trade3: tristan13 to Chuu for zero10
crazy colors: headband01 for itadakimasu10, gemini08
advent 1: america01
advent 2: tristan13
advent 3: england03
trade4: smoker06 to Jane for dawn01
trade5/6/7: gamble18, gunsmoker07, gunsmoker16 to harloqueen for onmyouji16, writer15 and cure10
advent 4: eyepatches02, scorpio08
trade8: scorpio08 to Salt for logic13
switch it up 13: asobot08 for abel09
recycled art: alias11, onmyouji04, onmyouji20
got america12 from Chuu as a gift
release: sweden12, stripes20, frail05, sablier14, servant07, wild04, sommelier14, lithuania06, christmas06
december 07
trade9/10: wild04, sommelier14 to Hana for england04, england18
trade11: frail05 to Aletha for zero16
trade12/13: sablier14, servant07 to Gil for spain01, tails10
trade14: lithuania06 to Maya for perm05
trade15/16: sweden12, stripes20 to Harumi for perm08, esper15
trade17: aquarius12 to salt for onmyouji15
trade18/19: caution05, spoiled09 to Aletha for logic12, onmyouji17
trade20: cannon08 to Tress for tails11
trade1: whispered10 to Siouxsie for howl10
december 31
trade2/3: council12, council17 to Hana for america06, america07
trade4/5: detective11, eyes20 to Pam for zero09, esper13
trade6: doctor15 to Meghan for knightmare05
shadow watching 15: korobokkuru08, obstinate14
music station 25: memorized02, knightmare02, leader10
conan's clues 21: loyalty07, phones09
spare parts 14: priest10, grafeisen17
seiyuu guess 19: caelin02, television11
advent 5: southitaly05, advent 6: taozi05, delinquent11, advent 7: england07, advent 8: england08, advent 10: england10, advent 11: ragnarok11, advent 13: zero02, advent 12: nameless06, vermouth01, intelligent01, advent 15: uranus13, science08, advent 16: america16, advent 17: england17, advent 18: zero18, advent 19: mako12, gray crayon, advent 20: america20, advent22: manikatti10, money01
design murasaki vote: priest15, emperor18
shadow watching 18: moon06, salamander13
advent 25: nyan08, beli19, skyking02, purple crayon
trade7: ragnarok11 to Tari for sensei11
leveled to strawberry: 3a-04, warrior14, england02, cure03, yellow crayon
crazy colors: headband17 for 3a-01, perm10
lottery: won pureblood02, angel09, knight18, kimono14, comnet20, drums03
switch it up: flame16 for zangetsu13
mod pay (first december half): cannon08, waitress07, rose06, crusnik09, cavalry01, reiki01, dna04, familiar03, brown crayon
2 brown crayons
got prussia14 as a present from Lucathia
coloring book 2: 1 brown crayon for light05, alien02, meimei19, zanber09
january 6
mod pay (second december half): clow06, peach04, tokugana20, beloved11, clueless19, intuition14, gray crayon
coloring book: 1 brown crayon for hunter02, avenge12, chupa04, salamander01
trade8: duality06 to Asuka for onmyouji07, got ero-cook19 from Asuka as a gift
conan's clues 25: forbidden06, porn12, disarm08
trade9: optimist15 to Hitomi for southitaly16
trade10: rose06 to Zags for writer14
trade11: writer14 to kaze for marimo10
deckmaker pay: imperial14, exsphere09, gamble12, kwando09, flute06, fate03, wrath02, burn01, general06, lazy09, cry09, patriot11, deny04, deliver12, sun14, bloodyrose07, ecure11, zephyr01, nagi06, squats12
release 9: trailblazer10, medic01, forecaster01, Rainfell13, Eighth01, OceanWave02
trade12: sensei11 to Tari for sensei10
trade13: imperial14 to Hana for southitaly20
trade14: headband06 to Pam for onmyouji01
trade15,16,17,18,19: nerd01, nerd06,nerd18, nerd20 to Kikai for logic01, goggles03, goggles14, goggles17, goggles19
trade20,1: libra03, deny04 to Salt for deer18, japan13
trade2: lacytanga01 to Harumi for esper16
trade3-5: Dawn05, Dawn07, and England15 from Chuu for my Rainfell13, Eighth01, and OceanWave02
01 May 2010 @ 04:19 am

Finally, I had my math exam today. It was okay, I should have passed it... I think. >.<
For the first time, I was actually tutored over the course of a month, so there was no real stress this time. Only a bit of trouble, especially with one example (out of 4), but what can you do... at least I know 2 of them should reach an almost perfect score.

And I've got a functioning keyboard now, so I guess I'll write a bit more than the past few weeks/months. xD

I've finally caught up on FMA B... and I love it so much, gah ;_; Only 9 more episodes... I was at chapter 97 and I can't decide whether I should read on (I'm so curious!) or just wait for the anime so it won't be spoiled. Up until now, I knew everything that was going to happen from the manga (and I think I still read the beginning of Hohenheim's battle, but I don't remember it all that much).

What I love most about B ...

cut for spoilersCollapse )
22 March 2010 @ 01:41 pm

Anyone know the manga / movies (with Oguri Shun) ? XD

I read the first chapter of Yoneda Kou's Genji/Izaki doujinshi and got interested (I've seen the movie cover ages ago and it had sparked my interest back then, too). After downloading two french dubs -_-; and 1 file that didn't work I watched a german stream with mediocre quality... and loved it! My favorites are Genji, Serizawa and Izaki, but most characters are awesome. Still have problems with all the names, though XD; It's the first time I've seen Shun. And I love the actor who portrays Serizawa, he is like the japanese version of my favorite mafia guy (from the series Oz), resembles him so much! XD

I didn't like the second movie as much as the first, maybe because the new characters were IMO interesting, but not as likeable as the old ones. But damn, does Ryo look girlish. And the younger brother (forgot his name xD; ) with the blond hair (and darker hairtips) is SO beautiful it's unreal.

Now I need to find the fandom, but as I thought it seems to be really small ;O;

I consider reading the manga, just too bad the art is so not my cup of tea.

Will there be a 3rd movie? Who will it be about then? X'D

My OTPs are Serizawa/Tokio and Genji/Izaki, maybe also Genji/Serizawa... *cough*

(I'm feeling stuffed and hungry at the same time, wtf o.o )
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